Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh (CSBIB) is a national non-profitable corporate body of Islamic banks and Islamic banking branches/windows operating in Bangladesh. It is an organization registered by the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Govt. Reg. No. S-9922 of 2009). Main objective of the CSBIB is to provide all-out cooperation and assistance to the government, central bank, regulatory authority and its member banks for the tracking right path to Islamic banking industry in the light of Islamic Shariah.

Professor Dr. Mohammad Gias Uddin Talukder

Professor Dr. Mohammad Gias Uddin Talukder was born in the traditional house of Bangaji in Lalanagar village of Rangunia Upazila of Chittagong district. His father, Dr. Moslem Uddin Talukder, was both a government primary school teacher and a renowned homeopathic physician.

Md. Abdullah Sharif, CIPA, CSAA

Mr. Md. Abdullah Sharif, born in 23 February 1979, is an enthusiastic Islamic scholar in Bangladesh. He is one of the few visionary Islamic scholars in present day Bangladesh who have devoted his knowledge and intellect for development of Islamic Banking industry. Mr. Md. Abdullah Sharif is the elected Secretary General of CSBIB.



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