( Chairman )

Dr. Mufti Muhammad Abdullah was born on January 15, 1957 at village West Sialdi under the district of Munshiganj, Bangladesh. He is the son of Late Momtaj Uddin and Late Malika Begum. He memorized the holy Quran from Muminpur Madrasah, Chandpur. He completed `Dawrah-e-Hadith' (equivalent to Masters), `Takhassus fit-Tafsir' (specialization in Tafsir) and `Ifta' (verdicts in religious affairs) from DarulUlumMoinul Islam Hat Hazari madrasah, Chattogram, read more ..


Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh (CSBIB) is a national non-profitable corporate body of Islamic banks and Islamic banking branches/windows operating in Bangladesh. It is an organization registered by the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Govt. Reg. No. S-9922 of 2009). Main objective of the CSBIB is to provide all-out cooperation and assistance to the government, central bank, regulatory authority and its member banks for the tracking right path to Islamic banking industry in the light of Islamic Shariah. A Brief History : Shariah-based and Interest-free banking operation was introduced in Bangladesh since Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited was established in 1983. Being inspired by the success of this bank, some new Islamic banks have been established here. Besides, some conventional banks of the country joined the advancement of Islamic banking through opening some Islamic banking branches and windows. With the increase of the number of the Islamic banks, the range of Islamic banking also spread rapidly. As a result, Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, thought that a combined body was necessary for coordination among respective Shariah supervisory boards of the Islamic banks and Islamic banking branches/windows and to carry out research works in the fields of Islamic banking and finance. So, Bangladesh Bank circulated some specific indications to the chief executives of the Islamic banks operating in Bangladesh one of which was to form a common Shariah board. Establishment of the CSBIB : After receiving the indication from the Bangladesh Bank, the Islamic banks went on trying to form a common or combined Shariah board in many ways. Finally, the Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh, in a meeting, unanimously agreed to unite under one umbrella and form a common Shariah board. Thus the Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh (CSBIB) came into being on August 16, 2001.


( Secretary General )

Md. Abdullah Sharif, born in 23 February 1979, is an enthusiastic Islamic scholar from Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. Md. Abdullah Sharif was born in a respected Muslim family. His father Sofir Uddin Ahmed was the officer of local Government of Kishorgonj district. Mr. Abdullah imprinted his extra ordinary talent all the way through his student life. He acquired 1st class in Dakhil and Alim examination. Later he acquired Fazil and Kamil (Hadith) degree from Katlasen Alia Madrasa read more ..

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