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CSBIB helds views- exchange meeting with BIBM


Central Shariah Board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh held a views- exchange meeting titled a ‘Islamic Banking’ with Bangladesh Institue of Bank Management (BIBM) on january 6, 2020 at the auditorium of BIBM. Dr. Md. Akhteruzzaman, Honorable Director General of BIBM chaired the views- exchange meeting while Mr. M. Azizul Huq, Honorable Chairman of the Executive Committee of  Central Shariah Board as well as Chairman of  the Board of Directors, Pubali Bank Ltd, was present as the chief guest. A total of 40 persons including Mr. Md. Abdullah Sharif, Honorable Secretary General of  Central Shariah Board, Dr. Shah Md. Ahsan Habib, Professor Dr. Prashanta Kumar Banerjee, Professor Md. Mohiuddin Siddique, Mr. Md. Ruhul Amin, Director, Administration and Accounts of BIBM and 27 Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Faculty Members of the same were present as special guests. 

Mr. Md. Abdullah Sharif , Secretary General of  Central Shariah Board presented introduction to the board, it’s present activities and future plan while Dr. Md. Mahabbat Hossain, Faculty Member of BIBM, presented a report on Islamic Banking of both home and abroad in the meeting. Chief guest Mr. M. Azizul Huq in his speech said it is very essential to widely spread Islamic Banking to provide Islamic banking facilities to all people and over all development of the country. 

For this, it is most essential to build up skilled and experienced manpower in the field of Islamic Banking. For this purpose, he attached importance to take up various activities by Central Shariah Board and BIBM.

Dr. Md. Akhteruzzaman, Honorable Director General of BIBM and Chairman of views- exchange meeting in his speech said Islamic Banking Industry is spreading every moment. In this perspective, he agreed to conduct joint activitics with Central Shariah Board to acquire vast knowledge of Islamic Banking and make arrangement for training.