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CIPA Fellows from CSBIB


Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest to see the list of distinguished AAOIFI ‘Certified Islamic Professional Accountant’ (CIPA) Fellows of Bangladesh. 

We want to honor and promote AAOIFI CIPA Fellows of CSBIB by publishing the name and profile on our official website.

List of AAOIFI CIPA Fellows completed the fellowship program through CSBIB:

SL. AAOIFI Member IDNameCIPA From 
1.CIPA181220Kamal Hossain, FCADecember 2019 
2.CIPA181226Md. Ali Reza, FCADecember 2019 
3. CIPAAliza Begum (All Module Completed)December 2019 
4. CIPAMd. Abdullah Sharif (All Module Completed)October 2020 
5.CIPA181234Md. Mahabbat Hossain, PhDOctober 2020 
6.CIPA181235Md. Mainul HoqueOctober 2020 
7.CIPA181236Riad HossainOctober 2020 
8. CIPAA.K.M. Mizanur Rahman (All Module Completed)December 2020 


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